FitBALL Pearl Exercise Ball 65cm - with Pump

FitBALL Pearl Exercise Ball 65cm - with Pump

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Part Number:PKG-FB65-BK

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FitBALL® Exercise Ball (Package w/retail box) 65cm Black. Includes ball, pump &poster. The #1 recommended burst-resistant exercise ball is the perfect solution for both professional and home use. Trusted by physical therapists and personal trainers throughout the US and Canada, every ability level can benefit from the stability challenge the FitBALL exercise ball offers for flexibility strength and aerobic training. Absolutely round and independently tested to weight bearing capacity of 2,250 lbs., our premium FitBALL exercise ball is made of our proprietary latex-free material. You’ll feel the difference immediately when you sit on our firm, yet flexible FitBALL exercise ball. Burst-resistant balls are not warranted against punctures, but are designed to help protect against a rapid deflation should the ball be punctured. FitBALL® exercise balls are not recommended for use during heavy weight training.

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