Zensah High Compression Shorts

Zensah High Compression Shorts

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  • Zensah has developed compression shorts with a high level of compression
  • The compression shorts feature our innovative seamless and compression technology
  • Run, bike, and recover faster with the best compression shorts available
  • The compression shorts provide support to the upper leg, allowing for unrestricted mobility in the lower leg
  • They also aid in increasing oxygen and blood flow, keep your legs warm and loose while running, cycling, or during any tough training such as CrossFit
  • As the leader in compression, Zensah has developed a new 3D design to target the quadriceps. Zensah's new compression shorts incorporate a special design, which provide a massage feel to your quads
  • The compression shorts are moisture wicking - so during activity, running, or cycling they will stay dry and free of perspiration
  • The high compression shorts are anti-microbial for anti-stink
  • The seamless design prevents chafing allowing running, cycling, or recovery in comfort
  • The new Zensah Compression Shorts are a must for any runner, cyclist, or athlete
  • Try the Zensah Compression Shorts today and see why Zensah is the leader in compression technology


XS/S 4 and below
S/M 4 - 8
L/XL 10 and up

XS/S 28 and below
S/M 29 - 32
L/XL 33 and up

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