Tips on useage and upkeep


  1. To remove your baskets, put downward pressure on the basket while turning it clockwise.
  2. To attach baskets to your poles, push the basket onto the tip with a counterclockwise motion.
  3. When you put a basket on, make sure that it is pushed completely to the top with no space in between.


  1. Use the chart to the right when adjusting the baseline setting of your poles.
  2. Match the corresponding number to your height.
  3. Fine-tune the setting by adjusting the middle section.
  4. Make sure your elbow is at a 90° angle.

The poles can be adjusted longer for downhill descents and shorter for uphill ascents.


Adjusting the Wanderfreund for the correct height is very important. A cane-style walking pole that is improperly sized can result in back pain for the user. The user should be able to maintain an upright position with the elbow slightly bent. Follow the guidelines to the right when fitting the Wanderfreund.

  1. Standing as erect as possible with shoulders level, the user should put on the shoes they wear most often.
  2. If the user wishes to adjust the length of the Wanderfreund, this should be done by placing the grip on the floor (pole upside down). Let the pole rest against the body, keeping the arm in a relaxed position by the side. Adjust the tip to the wrist bone, and tighten the adjusted shaft sections.


  1. Look at how the original strap is fed through your grip. The strap is a single piece of nylon.
  2. Pop the black or white pin on top of your grip.
  3. Tightly pinch the three layers of the strap that feed into your grip.
  4. Place the old strap down to see how it is placed around the black or white cam.
  5. With the new strap placed around the cam, make sure that the hole in the cam can be seen through the split in the nylon strap.
  6. Tightly pinch the strap and cam, and place back into the grip.
  7. Work the pin through the top of the grip and cam until it's flush with the top of the grip. Test your AutoStrap.


  1. Take an adjustable wrench and open the diameter to fit loose around the lower section of your pole.
  2. Strike down on the top of the Carbide Flextip. It may take five to six strikes before it comes off.
  3. Take the new tip and place it on the aluminumlower section.
  4. Take the lower section of the tip, and pound it on a hard outdoor surface five to six times. That's all it will take; there's no glue needed.