Tennis Elbow Support with Straps

Tennis Elbow Support with Straps

Price: $29.90
Part Number:Swed-86228

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Thermoskin Elbow Support with Straps is anatomically shaped to provide extensive coverage and support of the medial and laterial aspect of the elbow
Forearm straps provide additional support during periods of activity
Thermoskin Elbow Support with straps aids in the treatment of tennis and golfer's elbow
Thermoskin Thermal Supports utilize the exclusive patented Trioxon lining that is clinically proven to capture your natural body heat
Unlike other products, Trioxon allows your skin to ventilate and remain comfortably dry even with long-term use. 
Heat therapy promotes healing by opening up the small blood vessels, increasing blood flow and facilitating the removal of inflammation and assists your body's natural healing process. 
Sizing: Measure around elbow with arm extended

Small: 9 - 10 1/4 inches
Medium: 10 1/2 - 11 3/4 inches
Large: 12 - 13 3/4 inches
XL: 14 - 15 3/4 inches

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