Pro-Tec X-Factor Knee Brace

Pro-Tec X-Factor Knee Brace

Price: $29.95
Part Number:PT850

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  • Provides warmth, compression and knee joint stability.
  • The X-Factor knee brace stabilizes the knee joint area, helping to prevent further injury
  • Contains an infrapatellar buttress to support the patella and help improve patellar tracking
  • Medial and lateral spiral stays provide additional stability to the ligaments of the knee joint
  • Neoprene wrap is open behind the knee for greater comfort
  • Unique design offers a smaller, second layer of neoprene to provide custom fit and allow user to control amount of compression
  • Spirals stays and infrapatellar buttress provide additional support
Size chart (circumference measured 3' above patella):
  • Regular (up to 19")
  • X-Large (19"-24")

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