Pro-Tec Short Sleeve Knee Support

Pro-Tec Short Sleeve Knee Support

Price: $18.95
Part Number:PT600

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  • Provides compression to the knee region surrounding the patella
  • Seeve provides warmth and promotes circulation, enhancing the healing process
  • Brace has an infrapatellar buttress which helps support the patella and may improve patellar tracking
  • Short Sleeve is not quite as hot or cumbersome as most knee sleeves because it is modified below the knee to reduce sweat
  • Includes an infrapatellar buttress, U-shaped tubing within a Cool Max material, to cradle the patella
  • Open patella design helps to keep unwarranted pressure off of the knee cap
Sizing (circumference measured just above kneecap):
  • Small (13"-14 '")
  • Medium (14 '"-16")
  • Large (16"-18")
  • Xlarge (18"-20")

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