Moji Curve PRO

Moji Curve PRO

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Part Number:MJ-MMCVP01

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Give your sore muscles some extra TLC with the Moji Curve Pro! Unlike other massagers, the Moji Curve Pro features 4 large stainless steel freely-rotating spheres that offer a relaxing 360 degree massage. These unique spheres dig deep into sore muscles to relieve pain and break up scar tissue. Especially effective on larger muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings, calves, and hips, this full body massager is an essential recovery tool for all athletes, especially runners.

As an added bonus, the Moji Curve Pro can be frozen before use to take your cool down to another level with an ice massage. Loosen up your sore muscles and chill out - literally!- with the Moji Curve Pro.

Product weight 1.5 lbs, dimensions 16.8" L x 1.8" W x 1.6" H. 

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